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About Behold & Flourish

In a large city where it can be challenging to meet new girlfriends, Behold & Flourish was started in 2019 as a community event where women from all different seasons of life had a place to connect, rest, and grow from their shared experiences.


Over the passing years and as the seasons changed, the Lord determined the team’s next steps and then this lifestyle brand was launched in hopes of encouraging women to Behold who God is and Flourish in whatever season that is set before them.


We believe that creativity arises from our potential to learn from different experiences. Throughout all the joys and challenges that life may bring, community is where we learn, gain perspective from others, and grow.


Everything we do at Behold & Flourish is in pursuit of inspiring women to see God in every area of their life. We pray that as you read each entry or come to one of our community gatherings, you see God in all the beauty presented before you and find inspiration to flourish in the season you’re living in.


The gals from Behold & Flourish


About Brittany

Brittany Donovan is the founder and Editor in Chief of Behold & Flourish — she desires to see every person championed and their uniqueness celebrated. 

Born and raised in Houston, Tx, Brittany graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree in Communications. With a non-profit and event planning background, she discovered how important the art of gathering is and it prompted her desire to find a medium where women can connect over all things that encapsulated womanhood.

Alongside her passion for community & culture, nothing inspires Brittany more than time spent in her new home with her husband, reading a good book or traveling!

About Jennifer

Jennifer Rivas is the Managing Editor for Behold & Flourish and desires to capture the beauty in all things for us!


She is constantly setting the tone for us as a company and is always finding ways for women to feel seen & encouraged.


Born in Virginia and raised in Maryland, she took a leap of faith to move down to Texas and later graduated from HBU with a Kinesiology degree. With a background in management and a leader by nature, Jenn is also an avid fitness lover and has a passion for women’s health as she continues her education in pregnancy & postpartum specialties.


But more than anything, Jenn loves spending time with her husband and enjoying the pure bliss of this motherhood season with her sweet newborn.

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