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A New Era

In a large city where it can be challenging to meet new girlfriends, Behold & Flourish launched in 2019 as a community gathering where women from all different seasons of life had a place to connect, rest, and grow from their shared experiences.

Over the passing years and as the seasons changed, a new dream was instilled for this community. Our hopes of relaunching Behold and Flourish is to use a new medium to encourage women to Behold who God is so that they can Flourish in whatever season is set before them.

We formally welcome you to our new lifestyle magazine – Behold & Flourish.

Every month a new entry will be released that will encompass lifestyle inspiration for the modern day woman, from modern day women. We believe that creativity arises from our potential to learn from different experiences. Throughout all the joys and challenges that life may bring, community is where we learn, gain new perspective, and grow.

The essence of being a woman is ineffable. However, we invite you into this journey with us as we discover new meaning behind the embodiment of beauty, intelligence, truth, and honesty in today’s world but through the lens of Christ.

Everything we do at Behold & Flourish is in pursuit of inspiring women to see God in every area of their life. We pray that as you read each entry, you see God in all the beauty presented before you and find inspiration to flourish in the season you’re living in.

With love,

Brittany Donovan

Founder of Behold & Flourish

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02 ene 2023

I will intercede for each of you as you carry on the journey of life together with fresh insight and renewed hope from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. -Elizabeth Davis.

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