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Behold & Flourish Winter Wreath Workshop

There were only a handful of days lefts in the year. Ones that were filled with joyous reunions, quiet mornings, and spaces to simplify. With the fleeting nature of the season, how we spent our months, days & hours mattered.

We are so thankful to have ended the 2020 year with such a beautiful & intentional gathering. When we take the time to shape what could be, we find that our priorities leave us full.

We ended our event season in the most beautiful of ways!

Rest, Creativity, and Growth.

From creating beautiful handmade wreath, enjoying amazing delicacies, indulging in all the yummy sweets our hot chocolate bar had to offer, to the wonderful memories made & snapped -- we cannot thank you enough for helping us create the merriest of evenings! We love getting to create a space where all can gather and feel welcomed.

On behalf of the Behold & Flourish team, we want to give a big thank you to the following vendors who made our community event an incredible experience!

Community + Planning: Behold & Flourish

Delicacies: Event Seven

Wreath Workshop: Wonder Florals

Stay tuned for more details about our upcoming gatherings!


The Behold & Flourish Team

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