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Behold & Flourish Wellness Workshop

Boldness. Strength. Nourishment. Refreshment. Empowerment.

We as women were created to do amazing things! What a delight to come together & move our bodies to an amazing workout, enjoy nourishing food, gather around the table and have inspiring conversations that led to truth and breakthrough!

We gathered together at local venue Thirteen48 in the greater Houston area for our Wellness event!

Our team could not have been more happy to see you gals arrive!

The beginning of a very challenging Pure Barre workout!

"Health in Body and Strong in Spirit."

- 3 John 1:2 -

Our anthem for this event and every woman carried this out so boldly!

Your health is an investment, not an expense! The GREATEST wealth is health!

Self Care is giving the world what is BEST of you, instead of what is left of you.

The final stretch before packing up and heading inside for post-workout fuel!

Complimentary essential oil towelettes for each attendee -- the perfect way to cool down after a workout!

Nothing more refreshing after a workout than a healthy açaí bowl from Earth Craft Juicery!

You've got to NOURISH to FLOURISH.

Complimentary juice tasting by local Earth Craft Juicery, you couldn't go wrong with trying any of them!

After grabbing our post-workout fuel we headed upstairs for the nutrition seminar led by

Kori Meloy with Rewild!

Missed our event but want the inside scoop & tips shared at our workshop? Click here for Kori's metabolism guide that she shared and went over during the nutrition seminar!

Pin our favorite recipe below that was shared at our wellness event!

Follow Kori along here for more tips about all things health, nutrition, parenting, skin care and more!

Thank you to those who came out and joined us for our Wellness event!

On behalf of the Behold & Flourish Team, we want to give a big thank you to the following vendors who made our community event an incredible experience.

Venue: Thirteen48

Instructor: Anna Ingram

Nutrition Seminar: Kori Meloy with Rewild

Açaí Bowl Bar: Earth Craft Juicery

We hope you enjoyed reading through our recap.

We can't wait to have you join us at our next gathering!

With Love,

The Behold & Flourish Team

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