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Behold & Flourish Brunch Panel

We came. We connected. We shared. We socialized. And we brunched HARD!

This Brunch + Panel Discussion experience was a unique opportunity to make inspired and engaging connections with others who shared similar goals. Tailored to entrepreneurs and creatives, this event gave all attendees great insight from boss babes right in our community.

This event was open to all who were supportive of one another’s success, wanted to connect with other women in their city, and those who desired to collaborate and celebrate the amazing things that are community is accomplishing.

When we are aware of our own limitations, it's hard to dream big. When you choose to pull out of the vision buried deep in you, you open yourself up to the possibility for the abundance that God has always planned for you!

Our greatest hope from this event was for women to connect with others, leave feeling rested, encourages and activated in pursuing the dreams placed in their own hearts.

We are so thankful for our speakers Ashely Gooch with RYDE & Kalette Alspaugh with Beautiful Feet Studio for encouraging us to seek God and to dream big with Him! Such wise, bold, faithful & gorgeous women that shared their stories with humility.

This month's theme was about DREAMING!

"The one who calls you is faithful and He will do it!"

- 1 Thessalonians 5:24 -

Our God is one who never wastes His precious gifts. If you are finding yourself stuck of on pause with the dreams in your heart, know that HE is preparing you! God gives us gifts because He intends on using them You do not serve a wasteful God! Steward your gifts instead of pushing them aside & burying them. Give yourself credit for the ways you were uniquely wired and step out in faith. God plants our gifts so they can one day FLOURISH!

This event was all the rave with it’s to-die-for brunch by Morningstar paired with the most special touches by Aztec Rentals, Your Butler’s Pantry, Simply Written & the sweetest coffee bar set-up with an array of selections.

And not to mention the gorgeous backdrop for keepsake photos by Big Ass Balloons – what an unforgettable morning!

We hope you are encouraged by these past memories made, we can't wait to brunch with you all again!


The Behold & Flourish Team

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1 comentário

Ivy Li
Ivy Li
18 de set. de 2020

Y’all look FABULOUS 😍😍

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