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Behold & Flourish

What is Behold & Flourish?

Let me begin by introducing myself – my name is Brittany Donovan, founder of Behold & Flourish. Almost three years ago I had this dream to combine my love for events with the passion to create a community for all women to feel inclusive. With much prayer, support + planning – Behold & Flourish launched in April of 2019!

Behold & Flourish is a community organization where we host monthly socials + intimate-based events in Houston, Texas. Our biggest desire is to create a space for women to rest, explore in creativity, & grow relationally and spiritually. A place for women to celebrate the uniqueness of one another by embracing who we were called to be in a world full of comparison. A destination where creativity, community & conversations have no limits!

Our events are once a month during the Fall + Spring season and pricing varies. We extend an invitation to local artisans to share their giftings with other women as an opportunity for creatives to receive exposure and for guests to learn a new craft. What I love most about the atmosphere we create is the way women are challenged to take the lead to teach their expertise to others and seeing the beautiful exchange between the two. As for our social gatherings, they are free, relaxed, hosted twice a month in the summer and once a month during the Fall + Spring season.

All backgrounds and seasons of life are welcomed at each social + event. When we radically shift our expectations and create an atmosphere where everyone belongs, we have unmatched opportunity to better understand the heart of God. Those moments are made best at the table – over conversations, shared meals, creativity & more.

To the big dreamer reading this, your beautiful ideas were meant to be lived out. Your passions are meant to be activated. You were created for purpose! Behold the truth of who you were created to be and Flourish in it!

Whether you’ve just moved to Houston or have lived here your entire life – There is always a place for you at our table. We hope you can join us soon at Behold & Flourish!



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