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Behold & Flourish Launch

We're feeling nostalgic on this Thursday and wanted to reminisce on the beautiful beginning of Behold & Flourish!

Behold & Flourish began out of a need to deepen and enlarge the community of women in Houston, Tx. Spending the evening with women you barely know, you quickly discover the healing power of encouragement & vulnerability. Our vision is to see women celebrate each other by embracing who we truly are as individuals in an age of confusion and comparison.

Our biggest desire at Behold & Flourish is to create a place for women to gather and press in to what the Lord is speaking over them – clarity for their true identity & purpose. Our uniquely tailored events will encompass a space for Women to become what they


Below are more captured memories of our first gathering!

So many beautiful memories were made that we still get to look back on and cherish!

Let's never take gathering together for granted again.

with love,

The Behold & Flourish Team

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