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The Art of Gathering

A Place at the Table

Have you ever wondered about the significance behind gathering around the table? As far back as we can date, gathering around tables were cause for celebration, reflection, feasting, and remembrance.

As we take a closer look into scripture, in Psalms David celebrates God’s beautiful banquet table and in the book of John, Jesus gathers around the table with his disciples at the last supper. The table was of significance throughout the bible where Jesus engaged with those he invited to know about the ultimate love story.

Over time in our fast-paced, tech-saturated & busy culture, we have dismissed the significance of the table. Gathering matters – here are three reasons why you should practice the discipline of gathering around the table:


The Table should be a place for rest – where we can set aside time away from our busy schedules, pause and reflect. Acknowledge your need for refreshment. Rest should be a rhythm we create, not a rescue from our burnout. Gather around the table, share a meal, have inspiring conversations, and receive from those around you!


The Table creates fellowship. Life can be hard, there is no handbook for adulting! Friendships don’t happen as easily as they used to when we were in middle school. Relationships take work. I encourage you to take the time to be intentional with who God has placed in your life. Whether it be your childhood best friend or someone you met in crossing, allow the gift of the table to give you space for true and honest connection.


The Table allows us to cultivate perspective and grow in wisdom. When we move about our lives in a hurry, we close ourselves off to learning something new – we miss essential things. Being at the table requires wholehearted engagement, persistence and a desire for communion. There is great potential to learn from different experiences. This is why we gather – to share and gain perspective from others. We learn as we grow in community!

This is the table. This is where we get to do life! This is where we can share our fears and pour out wisdom – where we can encourage & pray for one another. This is the kingdom of God at work. Next time you are seated around others at the table, breathe in the moment and experience all of what God has for you – a taste of what He wants to invite you into.

Connection is in our design. Take a seat at the table. Come and enjoy the ultimate gift of communion.

Here are some practical’s I would love to leave you with:

- How will you make time to rest & gather around your table this week?

- Who is one person you can intentionally invite & connect with over dinner?

- How does it feel to know you’ve been invited to the table of God’s Kingdom? Use your space to regain perspective and receive the life-giving grace of Jesus flowing from conversations and food passed around the table.

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